Virginia’s best winery | We take wine seriously so you don’t have to | Open daily from 10 AM – 6 PM 

 Virginia’s best winery | We take wine seriously so you don’t have to | Open daily from 10 AM – 6 PM 


Covid Protocol

For the safety, comfort and confidence of our staff and other patrons, please follow our Rules of Engagement.


  • All staff wear face masks and are sanitizing in between guest interactions
  • Containers for dirty glassware and clean glassware clearly labeled for staff to handle
  • All glassware cleaned at 180+ degree heat.
  • All outdoor seating distanced 6+ feet apart
  • Rest rooms cleaned on set rotation using CDC sanctioned cleansers
  • 21 and older – no children permitted
  • Public seating areas cleaned between seating time using CDC sanctioned cleansers
  • Ice buckets cleaned between uses using CDC sanctioned cleansers
  • Indoor seating is capped at each room, with tables set 6+ feet apart

WHAT WE offer

  • While traditional tastings are not being offered, we offer “build your own” wine flights, where you choose three of our wines (2 oz. pour) to sample and enjoy.
  • Reservations are accepted on weekends for our premium tables. There is a $50 gift card purchase (usable on your visit) to secure a reservation.
  • All and glass sales are still the same.

WHAT You Can Do

  • All people MUST wear face masks when in proximity to others outside of those you live with, including sales tables and walking to the rest rooms
  • Keep tables as positioned.
  • Respect our reservation times and policies
  • Please clean up any trash. We will take the dirty glasses and wine buckets.
  • Please be patient. We all want the same thing and are working hard to get there.