Virginia’s best winery | We take wine seriously so you don’t have to | Open daily from 10 AM – 6 PM 

 Virginia’s best winery | We take wine seriously so you don’t have to | Open daily from 10 AM – 6 PM 



History is part of who we are.   Our wineries vineyard, Meriwether, is the oldest Chardonnay vineyard in Virginia, producing wine from its 30 acres for over 40 years.  When Chris Pearmund bought Meriwether Vineyard in 1996, the plan was to build a winery focused on five things:  Virginia wine in every bottle, Quality of product second to none, Innovation, Education and Experience.

five things We Focus On:

Virginia wine in every bottle | Quality of product second to none

Innovation  |  Education  |  Experience

In 2002, Chris Pearmund (with some help from his friends) built Pearmund Cellars from the ground up, making it the 47th winery in Virginia.  It success was to be based on making the best wine we can, while providing a unique opportunity on every visit for our guests. Over the years, the dedication to the original tenets of the business has not wavered.  As one of 300+ wineries today, Pearmund Cellars is considered a leader in the Virginia Wine Community.

The commitment to using Virginia fruit is carried on today. We source from the Meriwether Vineyard, on our estate, as well as 100+ acres of vineyard throughout Virginia. Our vineyard partnerships are longstanding, using and managing some of the same vineyards from our beginnings.

The Quality of our wines are evident, not only by the awards and accolades gathered over the years, but by the satisfaction of those enjoying them. To ensure quality, each year we go into the season not with a plan to make “X amount of Merlot”, but with a fluid strategy-allowing the vineyard quality to make many decisions for us.  In turn, you will never find an identical varietal lineup one year to the next.

Innovative programs such as geothermal heating and cooling, the first winery to incorporate its barrel room as part of the winery experience, blending of all 5 Bordeaux grapes to make its signature ‘Ameritage’ are still a part of the winery 20 years later. Recent innovations include our Cameo collection (2020), honoring the finest women in Virginias History or the Virginia Heritage project (2019), where we spearheaded an effort, with 16 other Virginia Wineries, to make the first true Virginia blend, commemorating the 400 years of Virginia winemaking.

The dedication to education is in our DNA. Be it hosting Master classes, WSET training or public blending sessions, our dedication to sharing our knowledge with out friends is paramount.  We are most proud of the 20+ year relationship with American Wine Society, hosting our local chapters monthly meetings to this day.

Experience for our guests is ever evolving. Some prefer a quiet day with their favorite wine on our terrace.  Some delve into a fact filled wine tasting. Many enjoy our monthly programs that range from library tastings, to verticals from our library, to comparisons of wines around the world.